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 (Example) Franziska Gontier

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PostSubject: (Example) Franziska Gontier   (Example) Franziska Gontier I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2016 3:35 pm

Name: Franziska Gontier
Allegiance: Khagrad

Sex: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: June 21st (Brand)
Appearance: Franziska atands at 160 cm and weighs 60 kg. She has excellent posture as a direct result of years of vigorous training. Her hair is a soft-brown color and trimmed to her mid-neck for practicability. She has grey eyes that are small and easy to forget. She's slightly tanned from working outside but remains somewhat pale. Overall, there's nothing particularly interesting about her appearance.

She often wears her uniforms from place to place, occasionally donning variations depending on the weather. When not on-duty, Franziska prefers to wear loose, baggy clothing that is easy to maneuver in. When walking from place to place, her footsteps are firm and assured.

Personality: She is very diligent and hard working in the office, but there is nothing Franziska loves more than long naps. She is capable of falling asleep anywhere- even on paperwork that she should be working on. She likes individualistic people, but tends to scorn those that don't follow orders. Her sense of sarcasm is very strong, but her guilty pleasure is horrible puns.

She works in bursts of energy, getting insanely high amounts of work done in short periods of time but then working at a snail's pace until inspiration strikes again. Compared to other officers, she is fairly unorganized, but is somehow capable of isolating individual forgotten objects buried beneath mounds of paperwork with ease. She encourages other people to be highly organized in spite of all of this.

Franziska pushes people hard in training. She encourages bonding exercises among her troops, though rarely participates herself. She values hard work over intelligence, and there's a very strong emphasis placed on this that becomes obvious in her daily life.
History: Franziska grew up as the youngest of three siblings in a fairly average family. She still maintains a good but slightly strained relationship with her parents as a result of her joining the military. Her family, traditionally, was made up of artisans, and she grew up learning how to make pottery. By enlisting, however, she broke that cycle.

She started expressing interest in joining the military at around thirteen, but due to her age no-one took her ideals seriously. By the time she turned fifteen, they still remained, which lead to some awkward parent-to-daughter conversations about life choices. At eighteen, she enlisted in a military academy to graduate as a low ranking officer.

She's been promoted since then, and has recently been transported to the front lines as her strategic talents are better suited to the battlefield than behind the scenes.

Rank: C
Element: Fire
Stats: 95

-Health: 10
-Defense: 10
-Resistance: 17
-Strength: 8
-Magic: 30
-Speed: 20

RP Sample: "Corporal Gontier, you're required up at the second floor offices." a young voice called out. She looked up from her paperwork, arranging it neatly before putting her writing utensils away. It was unusual for someone so young to enlist. The rule of thumb was the less old they were, the less time it took for them to become disillusioned. She morbidly wondered how long it would take him to become so.

Standing up, she pushed her chair in quickly and in a manner so as not to create much noise. As she walked to the door, her uniform-issued boots clipped lightly on the stone foor. The underground passageways were long and winding, but fortunately there were maps displayed at every corner. It wasn't too long before she found herself standing before a long stairway. She placed her hand on a cold rail and began to make the arduous ascent upwards.

Before too much time passed she found herself in front of her superior's office. The thick wooden door was ajar, leading way to a snug, slightly untidied room. "Come in," a pleasant, old voice called out. Standing at ease, she stepped past the doorframe. A wiry old man stood sentinel behind his desk, turning his head to look at her. "I assume you know why you're here."

"Field promotion. I'm being moved to the front lines as a commanding officer, sir." she said. He nodded.

"Though it was a pleasure to work with you, it's a shame that you had to be reassigned so quickly. Go ahead and pack your things. You're leaving in a day." She nodded, gave a salute, and left. She didn't have much in the way of close friends or personal possessions yet, so packing should take quickly. Humming a little tune to herself, she opened her office door once again and sat down at the desk, contemplating her future in a place as volatile and deadly as the front lines.

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(Example) Franziska Gontier
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