As each Era unfolds, customize your character with unique powers and abilities to defeat your foes! (open-world competitive RPG)
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 Birthsigns and Relevant Abilities

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Birthsigns and Relevant Abilities Empty
PostSubject: Birthsigns and Relevant Abilities   Birthsigns and Relevant Abilities I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2016 3:47 pm

All characters are born under a sign which corresponds to the month of their birth. Depending on the month, they may be granted different abilities.

January: Rosa- Increases the growth of resistance by 10%.
February: Robuste- Increases the growth of defense by 10%.
March: Jord- All earth-based attacks are counted as having +10 power.
April: Sol- Adds +5 to the strength and speed stat.
May: Animus- Increases the growth of strength by 10%
June: Brand- All fire-based attacks are counted as having +10 power.
July: Chire- Increases the growth of speed by +10%.
August: Stjerne- Adds +5 to the magic and resistance stat.
September: Hvirvelvind- All wind-based attacks are counted as having +10 power.
October: Magi- Increases the growth of the magic stat by 10%.
November: Gora- Increases the growth of the health stat by 10%
December: Strom- All water-based attacks are counted as having +10 power.
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Birthsigns and Relevant Abilities
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