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 Ranking Up

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PostSubject: Ranking Up   Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:55 am

1- Rankings are an easy way to keep track of power levels on the site. However, it is possible to have higher stats than someone of a higher rank if one grinds enough.

2- The base stats of each Ranking are listed below:

E Rank- 25 stats
D Rank- 60 stats
C Rank- 95 stats
B Rank- 135 stats
A Rank- 175 stats
S Rank- 230 stats+

3- In order to rank up, you need to defeat an RPC of a higher rank than you in combat or complete a special mission handed out by Province leaders, which vary from location.

4- When ranking up, you automatically get 15 stats to distribute. Go nuts.

5- Each Ranking can use unlimited skills and abilities of the same rank, plus an additional one the next up ranking. This does not apply to A Rank or S Rank skills, of which only 7 and 4 can be learned respectively.

Any and all questions about Ranking Up can be asked here.
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Ranking Up
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