As each Era unfolds, customize your character with unique powers and abilities to defeat your foes! (open-world competitive RPG)
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 Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Creation Rules   Creation Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 13, 2017 2:23 pm

1- You can only create one secret (exclusive to you) skill or ability per rank, which also corresponds to the power rank of the skill/ability. This prevents people from creating five or six S-ranked techniques.
1.1- You can create unlimited skill/abilities as long as they are added to the site canon- in other words, free for everyone to learn and use.

2- A-ranked techniques and above require the approval of two staff members.

3- You cannot create a secret skill/ability that your character cannot currently use.

4- Below is the power comparison for ranked techniques. This applies to speed, power, buffs/debuffs, etc.

E-ranked: 1-10
D-ranked: 11-20
C-ranked: 21-35
B-ranked: 36-50
A-ranked: 51-70
S-ranked: 71-100

5- The template below must be followed in order to register an item, skill, ability, etc. Put the classification in brackets at the beginning of the topic title, and the rank in parenthesis at the end.

[b]Classification:[/b] (Item, skill, ability, etc)
[b]Element:[/b] (if applicable)


[b]Word Count*:[/b] Word counts required to learn a new ability/skill are decided on a case-by-case basis. In the case of an item, replace Word Count with Price in Reales. B-ranked techniques and higher require half of the word count as a fee in Reales in order to gain the ability to learn said technique.
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Creation Rules
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