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 Stat Rules

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PostSubject: Stat Rules   Stat Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 14, 2016 3:57 pm

1- One level up is gained for every 800 words written of in-character roleplay, to be rolled at the end of the topic. Additional stats may be given as a reward for exceptionally well-written posts, either by rolling the Reward Dice or by mod's choice.

2- Total stats cap at 360 points. Individual categories, however, cap at 120.
2a- With buffs taken into account, individual stats cannot go past 200 in a single category. Only two item-based buffs can be used at the same time, as well as one ability-based buff.

3- The categories of stats are as follows:
-Health: How much punishment your character can take before they are killed.
-Defense: How resilient your character is to physical attacks.
-Resistance: How resilient your character is to magical attacks.
-Strength: How strong your character is.
-Magic: How adept your character is at magic.
-Speed: How quick your character moves and reacts to external stimuli.

4- The damage of an attack is calculated like so:
Attack power + 1/2 Strength or Magic (depending on type of attack, rounded down) - Target's Resistance or Defense (depending on type of attack)

5- All stats must be listed in your signature, as well as your character log. Try to keep them as up-to-date as possible.

6- Stats, once rolled and used at least once in a topic, cannot be re-rolled.

7- Stats in any category cannot be lower than one.

All questions about stats and how they work may be listed below.
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Stat Rules
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