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 Leveling Up

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PostSubject: Leveling Up   Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:11 am

1- Once the Level Dice is rolled, it is possible to re-roll, though you must buy an item. This is available in the OOC shop, found in the Creation Logs.

2- The Level Dice is rolled for every 800 words of active roleplay. In co-op threads, the word count is dropped to 600 to encourage social roleplay.
2.5- When you rank up, your level is set back to one and all stat gains are kept.

3- Each stat has a 38% chance of increasing by 1. If the Level dice rolls a 38 or below, you get the stat. If you roll a 4 or below, the stat increases by 2.

4- It is possible to increase or decrease growth rates by buying items in the OOC shop.

5- Levels are capped at 40.

Any and all questions about Leveling Up can be asked here.
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Leveling Up
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