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 Biran Wolfborn

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PostSubject: Biran Wolfborn   Biran Wolfborn I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 23, 2017 5:46 am

Name: Biran Wolfborn of the Nimkadi
Allegiance: Neslia

Sex: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: March 18th (Jord)
Biran is a strong athletic bodied male standing at a towering six feet, five inches and weighing at two hundred and ten pounds of solid muscle. His hair is white and worn long, usually straight down with some tied up in the back for style and ease. To compliment his extremely light colored hair, Biran has dark skin given by both birth and by a love of the outdoors. His eyes can appear to be a light brown to dark red depending on the lighting surrounding him, or even the colors he's wearing. For ease he describes his eye color as amber. Biran has white markings on his tan skin, lines that are of his tribe that appear in sets around his biceps, and across his chest in a diagonal, that circles fully around his back.

In the way of clothing, less is best. It comes with the territory of living the tribal lifestyle for most of his life, but he will layer up a bit more when in the cities or areas where it is typical custom.

Personality: Despite a large and intimidating exterior, Biran isn't such a bad guy. He's...just not the friendliest guy. Biran doesn't go out of his way to greet or put on a face for people he doesn't feel need to speak with him, so he can be seen as rather abrasive to strangers. Breaking passed the stranger stage with him could be like pulling teeth to a few, and to others it could come easily. Like with many people, it's all about place and time. An acquaintance may get a humble nod or regard from him as he passes by, which even in his gruff way can still be special. Friends can expect quite a bit more from him, as he will hold conversations and actually smirk! It doesn't take a whole lot to be seen as trustworthy enough either, just be a good brother or sister in arms and maybe pick up his bar tab every once in a blue moon. Just as regarded as friends, Biran takes a lot away from his rivals. So long as his opposition is humble, he will always enjoy hearing their insight and hold deep and meaningful conversations about life and war with them. Enemies that are less respected or a general opposition he tolerates a whole lot less can expect brute force and savagery. Takes a bit of name calling and disrespect before he loses his cool, but he can and he will come down on the offender harshly.

Biran has a strong sense of brotherhood. He will defend those who are loyal to him tooth and claw. He also has a soft spot for the ladies, admittedly. He'll tend to come to the aid of a woman, despite the social relationship with her. Even enemies who are women, he tends to have a little more patience for and will show mercy in a time of war, but only once the fight is said and done. Coming from a tribal background, Biran tends to have an odd perspective on things that others may question. At the root of his being, his survival of the fittest attitude and instincts ring stronger than most other learned ideals of honor and duty. What makes good common sense will sometimes out weigh his ability to decide between right and wrong in a code of law.

History: Biran was born into a large tribe that was settled among the misty hills of Neslia, son of Archdruid Ulf Wolfborn, one of five leaders of the Nimkadi tribe. Biran was taught skills of survival as well as the importance of both life and death. There was no better teacher and role model for the boy than his own father and the admiration for the man only fueled young Biran's transformation into a resourceful and self sufficient member of their way of life. Biran was often a step ahead of most peers in physicality and held a very good aptitude for communing with nature, as the tribe was known for. Naturally Biran was always held to the highest standard due to the man who fathered him, he was just glad he never disappointed his father or the rest of the tribesmen.

Biran took a lot away from his upbringing with the Nimkadi. Through his time as a young man, he began to see that war was an ever constant presence. These conflicts were getting close to home and even at this time, Biran was not going to stand for it. He left his village in the middle of the night and attempted to make sure not a soul would see him. From there he was off to the capital, to enlist in the military and fight off all foreign threats that dare to knock on the Neslia doorstep. His training was rough and vigorous but nothing his heart and dedication could not adapt him to. With those times a few years behind him now, he often uses his quiet moments to reflect on what he came from. They city was so much different from the wilds. He longed to go back home, wished he could have explained his decision to his father before leaving at the very least. But this was where he was needed now.

Rank: E
Element: Earth
Stats: 35
-Health: 8
-Defense: 6
-Resistance: 4
-Strength: 7
-Magic: 5
-Speed: 5

RP Sample: And guess who's stuck delivering paperwork? This guy! Yeah, that's right. It was a bore and a bloody mess, but here he was. Biran joined this military to smash some heads in and send off the damned curs that threatened this land, not run errands for the big shots. This was an insult to his capabilities as a strong and capable warrior. He'd scoff as he looked down at the folder that held his charge, the sensitive documents of whatever personnel were finally heading out of this dump probably. Not him, he'd think to himself with a sigh.

It was as he was walking to the office that he overheard a conversation between two local men;

"You ever hear about them there barbarian folk that live up in the hills? The ones that can transform into wild beasts before your eyes?" The Druids of the Nimkadi Tribe? Yes, I've heard of them., the giant of a man would answer irritatingly in his head, slowing his pace for a moment to hear the next ignorant swine's response.

"That big tribe of cavemen? Sure, who hasn't heard of em?" Cavemen, that's a new one.

"You know there's this guy in the army now. He's from there. Never seen him but he must have some pair to be here, fighting for our side when nothing here probably effects them, ya know?" Oh, this about me? You're too kind. Stop it. No really, keep going, Biran was humbled but at the same time, why let the praise end there?

"Oh! He must be the big guy! I'd never guess he came from there. Thought he looked a little peculiar, makes sense now. What a swell guy though! He must be dedicated, to fight here when he could be back home? I don't think I could ever leave here to go work someplace else, let alone fight a war there." It takes a big man like me, I suppose, Biran was hardly into himself, but it never hurt to take some words from others to bolster his ego. "Hey, that's him right there man. No joke!" The civilian would then point out the large soldier, breaking him out of his trance.

Biran would look over at them finally as both men waved for his attention. "Hey soldier, knock em dead!" The man who started the conversation would whistle and clap for the 'country boy'. Biran would finally stop dead in his tracks as a onlookers would also begin cheering. He was shocked at the phenomenon that was befalling him at this moment. He was speechless to put it simply. Humbled wasn't even the word for it anymore as it went a step far beyond that. He'd look down at the documents he was assigned to deliver and sort of smirk to himself. None of these people knew or even cared about the small details of his current assignment. They all saw and acknowledged the big picture, that he was a soldier of Neslia.

Pride built in the young man's chest and he continued walking, giving a wave and a smile to all the individuals that were now gathered around. "Of course." He'd finally reply to the one man.

The second would then yell out, "Make way, the man's got a job to do! We're all rooting for you, caveman!"

The term Biran found earlier as irritating was now sort of endearing. Maybe he should have made the correction, but there was more important matters to perform at this moment and time. The crowd started to spread around him and continued for another block before dying down. Not a single person knew his name, but in the same token his name didn't hold any meaning when compared to words like 'soldier' and even 'hero'. With a new found pride in his heart, he'd carry out the rest of his assignment as if the good of the country depended on it. Just as any other assignment he would be tasked with in the future, big or small.

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PostSubject: Re: Biran Wolfborn   Biran Wolfborn I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 23, 2017 1:25 pm

Beautifully done! I can't wait to see what you accomplish here. Smile

1/2 approval from Cherche~

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PostSubject: Re: Biran Wolfborn   Biran Wolfborn I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 23, 2017 1:28 pm

1/2 approval from Franziska. Good work. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Biran Wolfborn   Biran Wolfborn I_icon_minitime

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Biran Wolfborn
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