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 Violet Hourson

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PostSubject: Violet Hourson   Violet Hourson I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 23, 2017 8:50 pm

Name: Violet Hourson
Allegiance: Neslia

Sex: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: December 10th (Storm)
Appearance: Violet stands at exactly 5 feet, 6 inches: Not too short but not too tall. A height she shares with most females in her family. Her weight is a slim 127lbs, which she translates to an over all slim frame with lean muscles. Her mousy brown hair is cut in a choppy manor and rests just above her shoulders, her bangs swooping to the right. Her large eyes are deep blue, another trait passed down through her family from both sides of her family. Her skin is slightly tan from the sun exposure. As she has been told many times, she can be seen with a resting "b*h" face. Half the time she doesn't mean it, but the other half is due to someone being stupid.

Her clothing choices revolve around leather. Well more namely her long boots that reach up over her knees, short shorts that only are long enough to cover her bottom, and the belt that holds her pouch and long fabric that covers her from her waist to her ankles (but only in the back). For a top, she prefers form fitting shirts and jackets with enough room to be able to move around and fight as needed. She also wears an old hat that her mother gave her when she was younger.

Personality: Violet is a strange woman to say the least. On one hand she is stoic and silent, the other she is friendly and caring. So we'll take this piece by piece.

To strangers who rub her the wrong way (For example men who's egos are bigger than them or woman who think they are entitled to anything because they can flutter their eyelashes), she is hostile and cold. Some say even too honest for their liking. If possible, she will move away from you rather than attempt to deal with you. If person engages with her or she is trapped with them, her hostile nature comes out. She will do her best to cause you to move away. And if all of that proves fruitless, then she will become violent. Not enough to kill or anything, just to get the point across that you need to back up and leave her alone. In the case you go from being a stranger to someone she doesn't like to even someone she hates, she can get even nastier. It is this stage that foes need to be wary. If she dislikes you enough, or she believes you are a threat to her and her friends and or family, she will not hesitate to end you as quickly as possible.

On the complete opposite side, Violet is a well mannered woman who gets along with a good amount of people. Friendly to friendly like people, she wants to do nothing more than to help and do good. She goes above and beyond for people she considers friends or even brothers and sisters in arms. Even those who are that of an apposing side, fighting against her, she believes that everyone is fighting for something and nothing should be in vain. The woman she is fighting could be a mother, or the man whom she wounded could be the last living brother just trying to get home to his mother. Someone has a story and she would rather not think about who it is that she is killing. Her compassion for others has lead her into dire situations before. As many high ranking people say, it's the compassion that will get her killed.

When fighting, Violet has the ability to turn off her emotions. She had been trained to fight, and that was what she was going to do. While she would love to be able to save everyone, she simply cannot. It is easier to handle the consequences of her actions after she killed a band of people than to think about all the families who would be suffering as she attempts to kill someone for the sake of her own family and life. Without this feature, she is sure she would have died a long time ago.

tl;dr: Don't be a dick and she'll fight for you tooth and nail.

History: Born the only child of Velvet and Jace Hourson, Violet was raised a warrior. Both parents had seen their fair share of war and decided the best course of action for Violet was to raise her to be ale to defend herself rather than shelter her in hopes she wouldn't get killed. At first it was nothing more than how to keep meaner kids away, then turned into something a bit more. As the war dragged on and her father continued to go in and out of this, Violet had decided at a young age she wanted to be just like daddy and help end it. She couldn't stand watching everyone she knew cry because their mommy or daddy wouldn't come home ever again. And she couldn't bare the thought of her parents ever dying. Once the choice was made, her mother and father abide by her choice and began training her.

In truth, it was grueling. She hated getting hit and hated how weak she was. And every time she was to hit her mother or father, she had  pulled back her punch. But there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn't force herself to hurt her parents. She loved them too much! When the time came for her to finally join, her father said to do what she could and don't feel bad about being sent home if she just couldn't make the cut. But the military made a warrior out of her when her parents could not. It was funny, her cousin, Cascade, had joined as well, being just as talented as Violet was, if not more. The two girls trained side by side, but it was Cascade who would rise higher and higher. At one point, the two girls got into a fight, a one on one match. It started out as something simple until Cascade had slashed Violet's back open with a sword. Blood dripped around her as Violet laid upon the ground, eyes wide open. Her cousin just attacked her with a sharp blade? Looking up, she caught the eye of the other girl, laughing at her.

Cascade said Violet was doing nothing but holding her back and she was tired of playing babysitter. In fact, she told Violet to just go home and let the big kids handle the war. It was then that Violet had started to really buckle down on her training and be someone who wouldn't hold people back. Or worse; get them killed.

Rank: E
Element: Water
Stats: 35
-Health: 5
-Defense: 8
-Resistance: 5
-Strength: 5
-Magic: 5
-Speed: 7

RP Sample: The day had finally come. Violet Hourson had finally finished her training and she was ready to go off to war. It was a bitter sweet moment. So many people wanted to see her make it, and so many wanted to see her fail and go home. How many on either side she did not know, but here she was, standing in rank waiting for the commander to give out the orders for everyone.

It was a fairly nice day, not too hot yet not too cold. A nice middle ground area where it wasn't a pain to stand outside for prolong time periods. Her blue eyes were locked onto the Commander as he looked at the whole group of freshly trained men and woman, ready to give their lives for the sake of their kin and country. She knew that many of the people who were standing with her were not going to make it by the end of the year. This was no secret to anyone. Over and over again this had been drilled into their heads. If it wasn't the other person, it was them. They had to get stronger, they had to get faster; they had to win at all costs. Their lives were in fact at stake here. But, most everyone knew that. And if they didn't, many had that rude awakening at some point in their training life.

The Commander cleared his voice, calling for everyone's attention. Without fail, everyone snapped into place, waiting to hear what he had to say. And it was a lot. Most of it was in one ear and out the other, something she would hear about again and again as she went through her life fighting. Time seemed to pass strangely here, but it passed and soon orders were finally being dished out. Medics were the first group to be called out. They stood to the very left, happy they weren't the ones on the front lines dying. Next were the cooks, the mechanic, the ones to go to that fort and this fort. But finally, finally the list for the front lines were called out. It was a large list, and it was the final one. One that Violet was placed on. The one that many were going to die at.

Violet was in a slight trance. It should have been no surprise to her that she had been picked for the front lines. It was one in every four that went. One in every four that died. And if she was lucky, she would be that one in ten that made it past the first year. If she could just learn enough to keep herself alive, she would become one of those strong woman who could get through anything. As long as she could make it through all of this. After all, she was the one who wanted to stop the war. She was the one who wanted this. What better place than the front lines?

She felt hallow inside as she packed what little belonging she had. The three other girls in the room watched in silence as she stood there, staring empty eyed at them. What was there to say? The four of them had laughed and giggled, saying how they were going to be the best that ever walked the kingdom! That they were going to bring glory to the nation! But what did they know? What did any four stupid little girls know of wars and glory? Nothing. All three of them were going to be sitting in a nice warm, safe spot while she went off to die.

"You'll write to us, yeah?" One of the girls finally said, doing her best to break the tension in the room.

A faint smile curled up on her lips, looking at the blonde girl Krislee. These were their last moments together. No one was going to expect a letter from one another. Not really. They all laughed and said they would write ten times a day and whoever go the most letters out wins free dinner next time they meet up. But those were just lies to get them through the training. Truth of the matter was, no one was going to write a letter because no one wanted to know that she died out there on the front lines. No one wanted to know the truth.

"Yeah, ten times a day. I'm looking forward to getting my free meal next time, Krislee." She almost choked while speaking, but managed to get it all out without a hint of emotion coming out. This was their goodbye, and she wasn't going to ruin it.

One by one the four girls hugged one another until one by one they all filed out. This was war, happy endings never come from wars.
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PostSubject: Re: Violet Hourson   Violet Hourson I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 23, 2017 9:10 pm

I especially like the personality. You did a good job! Welcome to the site!

1/2 approval from Franziska <3
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PostSubject: Re: Violet Hourson   Violet Hourson I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 24, 2017 6:46 am

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Have fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Violet Hourson   Violet Hourson I_icon_minitime

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Violet Hourson
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