As each Era unfolds, customize your character with unique powers and abilities to defeat your foes! (open-world competitive RPG)
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 Era Progression

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PostSubject: Era Progression   Era Progression I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 15, 2016 5:57 pm

1- The world of Conquest is defined by Eras. Once one team or group claims victory, the Era progresses.

2- The Victors of an Era start off the next Era with a bonus reward. This reward varies from Era to Era. Additionally, all active players receive minor rewards even if they are not on the winning team.
2a- In the case of having multiple characters, the side your first character joins is the side that must win for you to qualify as a Victor.

3- As each Era progresses, the map changes drastically and new countries are formed. Each Era is built around a theme.

First Era- Medieval
Second Era- N/A

Suggestions for the theme of the Second Era and/or questions about Era progression may be freely asked below.
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Era Progression
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