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 Country and Travel Rules

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Country and Travel Rules Empty
PostSubject: Country and Travel Rules   Country and Travel Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 15, 2016 5:56 pm

1- Each group starts with control of one country. That country brings in an income of 750 Reales per week.

2- Through annexing or conquering other countries, the income is increased by 250 per additional country unless otherwise specified. For each living player per country, the country gains an additional 75 Reales per week. Province Reales are updated when the Province Dice are rolled.
3- The travel time between adjacent countries is 600 words. The travel time between non-adjacent countries is 600 words +150 per country, to be capped at 1200 words. All stat or Reale gains through travel are cut in half.
3a- The travel time between countries only connected by ocean is 1200 words regardless. A port must be built in order to travel to another country by water.

4- In the Grace Period, it is possible to complete missions to increase your standing with adjacent countries. Each mission grants +7 points to your relationship, with country relationships starting at 0. At any time it is possible to roll the Annex Dice. For every point you have towards your relationship increases the prospects of peacefully annexing the province.

5- In order to invade a country, you must first go to the capital and make a topic explicitly titled so that everyone knows it's a conquest thread. There, you will be put up against other players. If all the other players are either killed, injured, or fleeing, you claim the country. If no-one posts in the conquest topic for four days, victory is automatically claimed by the invading party.
5a- In the case of neutral provinces, the Annex dice is rolled. Each player and their rank are counted together like so:

E Ranked- 3 pts
D Ranked- 4 pts
C Ranked- 5 pts
B Ranked- 8 pts
A Ranked- 10 pts
S Ranked - 14 pts

If the number rolled is anywhere from 0 to the total number of points, then the province is successfully conquered.
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Country and Travel Rules
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